Check Out This week’s Diocesan newsletter

Our Padre’ Rev. Dr. John Day made the front page of our Diocesan newsletter! Give Thanks and Praise! Anyway All, Peace be unto thee, My Peace I give to thee, freely with Grace, The Peace which passes all understanding I give to thee, freely given freely received , God give us strength to do His Will in all we undertake this day and forever more!



Weekly events

Eucharist or Morning Prayer

10:00 am Sundays

7:30pm   AA Meeting “Serenity Junction” Monday evenings, Sobriety Anniversaries celebrated on the last Monday of the month


Rev. Dr. Day’s Office hours: Thursdays 11:30-2:00 pm or as needed.


Occasional visiting Clergy include Rev. Suzy Ward, Rev. Gail Bernthal, Rev. Fred Risard

looking for a choir

We at Saint John’s are looking for a few good voices to form a choir.  We need at least 4 ( two altos and two tenors) will take one of each SATB. Please attempt to read music, however ear learners and sing-alongs also welcome. Please feel free to contact me through email or telephone-559-731-6948. Practices to be determined.

The Episcopal Church has formal liturgical music as well as a versatile hymnal with all sorts of music for the church seasons. We even sometimes sing fun stuff..( smile). We supply robes  and sometimes an organist(!) a capella is fun, too!