Last week’s Share ( from Diocesan newsletter) by Rev. Dr. John Day

Radical Welcoming and Sending
The Rev. Dr. John Day
St. John’s, Tulare


St. John’s is a congregation that finds itself at a crisis point in its walk with Jesus on The Way. The Vestry was informed in January by the Treasurer that there were sufficient funds on hand to maintain operations for about three years. Since January the Vestry has been working with me to answer three fundamental questions,
Who are we?
What is God calling us to do?
Who is our neighbor?
Since our last Vestry Meeting I have been working on a congregational study which will use targeted statistical data that will enable us to understand who our neighbor is. Once we know the makeup of our neighborhood we can begin a discernment process that will result in targeted outreach to our neighbors. We believe that this second step in the process will bring us to an understanding of what God is calling us to do? Finally, we will face the very tough question of who we are compared to who our neighbor is. Does the current makeup of our congregation reflect the makeup of our neighborhood or do we have some work to do.
Working through these three questions will help us to discern where we are being called and who we are called to reach out to. Once this has been accomplished we will have to face the toughest question of all: Are we up to the challenge and do we have the necessary resources of time, talent, and treasure to be effective?
Radical Welcoming and Radical Sending. We are working diligently to discern what that means for St. John’s, Tulare.
John E. Day
Priest in Charge
In last week’s Friday Reflection The Rev. Dr. John Day wrote how St. John’s, Tulare is conducting a congregational study which uses targeted statistical data that will assist  St. John’s  to understand who their neighbor is.

This information for your community can be found on The Episcopal Church website at:

The study is quite extensive and well done.. It takes time to get through it, but is well worth it.
Yours in Christ,
Brewster Bird

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