Which John are we?

Our church is named after Saint John the Evangelist ( Apostle, friend of Jesus, Revelator) also known as one of the “Sons of Thunder” for his fiery temper-along with his brother Andrew.

John the Baptist announced Jesus’ Presence to the world. Saint John had been a disciple of The Baptizer before he and his brother Andrew met The Christ. They knew very soon after their first encounter with Jesus that He is the Messiah promised of old.  The “Sons of Thunder” soon joined Jesus and His ministry throughout Judea/Galilee/Jerusalem.

Saint John the Evangelist  was the only apostle to die a death due to old age. His leadership came about while he cared for Mary, mother of Jesus after Jesus death and resurrection. He took care of widows and orphans, visited the sick, ministered to the homeless, visited the prisons, and prayed mightily. One could call him the steadfast saint. His Revelation is one of the most contested books of the New Testament.

As you pray today ask Jesus into your life as John  did. Daily ask Him into your life. Read something from the Old Testament, Apocrypha, one of the Saint’s letters and one of the Gospels ( we use, formally, the Revised Common Lectionary). Be prepared!

Take time to say The Lord’s Prayer by oneself or with a friend or stranger.


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