Thoughts on Luke’s Gospel – The Parable of the corrupt manager

Rev. Gail Bernthal  gave a good sermon on the Gospel of Luke, illustrating Luke 16:1-13, the parable about the corrupt manager.  The Pharisees were listening too. Questions arose on how are we to handle our worldly affairs? with as much diligence and inventiveness as the  corrupted manager?  He knew how to use the tools of finance and management to stay in good graces with his debtees, even though he was going to lose his position. How much more are we to use those earthly tools of cunning and smarts to better our church and the world around us. Does not the world belong to God ?  Aren’t our riches His riches? The Pharisees were capable of much Good and Jesus knows this. Rev. Gail asserted that Jesus  used the  worldly manager as an example because He saw a man who did not hide from his responsibilities and showed resourcefulness in his time of need..The Pharisees  are not much mentioned throughout the Gospel reading, but one can sense their internal discomfort as Jesus challenges their laziness and corrupted natures. The Parable has its own ‘cognitive dissonance’ for us moderns as well..

The views above are my own, with paraphrasing the notes taken during Rev. Gail’s sermon..I share this with her permission She has not read this  article.


Brewster Bird