The Church is changing

We give thanks to God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit during this Trinity Season. Rev. John M. Day has joined us and  our diocese has a new priest in the form of Rev. Gail Bernthal. Our Bishop, Rt. Rev. David Rice paid us a parochial visit this Trinity Sunday -Great Sermon as usual. Rev. Teri Van Huss assisted !.

We are grateful for the  Benson Family who celebrated the graduation from  college and high school of two of their youngsters!. The parish family of Saint John’s is grateful to have a worship space on the corner of Prosperity and Laspina streets in Tulare, CA. Join us for a book study this month- “God’s Secretaries” by Nicolson, about the making of the King James’ Authorized version of the Bible.  Thursdays at 12:00. Led by Fr. Day it is an in-depth study of how the KJV came to be. All are Welcome. Respectfully, Yours in Christ Jesus!, Brewster Bird



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