Planned Parenthood: Please be extremely careful

“If we can change what happens in the home, we can change what happens in the world.”
Jill Greer, Director of International Planned Parenthood.


I know FULL well that rhetoric emanates from every side of contested issues. But I would direct your attention to what I just read, the “Family Watch” newsletter, not really aware of their purpose and work until today, because what they are doing in presentations on the Status of Women at the UN matches the variety of anecdotes which affirm their work.
It is easier to read stories about people, of course, so I’ll direct you to their website page of anecdotal good and bad stories. And then if you will click on the “Newsletter” link in the left margin you will find ample discussion of their current work and struggles among delegates, ambassadors, observers, governmental attaches, and other advocates and lobbyists at the United Nations.

Our primary concern as Christians should be that women (and men) who have had abortions cannot expect the emotional and physical effects of the abortion to be, again, just water under the bridge. If you have had an abortion, or were instrumental in the decision for someone else to have an abortion, I encourage you to contact me, and confidentially we will talk it through, and pray for any private hurts, pains, shame and grieving that still need to be dealt with in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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