A First and a Last: 2008 Nativity of Jesus Pageant

Some of the pictures made me laugh until I cried, a couple are quite endearing as they should be.  Put all together the scenes and message of the Christmas Pageant (which we stage on Advent IV) once again reminded us of the upcoming celebration and awe of the anniversary of the nativity of our Lord Jesus, the Messiah.   Lorraine did a nice job with many closeups.   A number of the pictures are fun just trying to recognize people in the background.

On the matter of the  wisemen/kings/magi:  we had two that actually came from the east.  One was Corky, a tribal leader in her own right, hailing from Pine Ridge rez in South Dakota.   Well, she wasn’t a king in the play, but that tribal business ought to count anyway, right?


The other was Cal who came in from Kentucky with his wife Mary last year.   This is the “First” mentioned:   Cal has never before even been in a Christmas pageant, much less a wiseman/king/magi (perhaps a portent of his eventual election at the Annual Meeting to fill the last year of a remaining term?).   And he fills the royal robe well.  All we can say is, you people in Paduca should be ashamed.


Angela introduces the pageant, and gives notice.

The Last?   It has been uttered before, but she says she really means it now, that the First Lady of the parish announced at the completion of the pageant and the passing of the Peace (not without emotion) this would be her last pageant to direct.   Thank you, Angela, for a pageant done well again.   It was the best one ever.


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