The baptism of Miracle

Miracle’s family came to us as the result of a community-wide outreach effort, where a parishioner and neighor’s lawn sign (“Walk This Way”) became the subject of a discussion, and then invitation.  That was last year, about this time.  With a grace-filled measure of Jesus’ Love, we have cared for them, prayed with them, assisted them, made room for them, visited them, and encouraged them.  They have responded with a great deal of involvement both in worship and program, and service.

Miracle was received by her aunt at the very moment of her birth, and has lived with her ever since.  Her mother was incapable of caring for her.  Pre-natal drug abuse, and being HIV positive should answer your curiosity.   Now 4 years old and showing miraculously little emotional or physical difficulties, it was time to bring her to the sacrament of Holy Baptism.   Without the capability of her birth mother to provide any sort of personal blessing to the event due to an induced coma and hospitalization 4 hours away, with All Saints being an ideal time, and a sudden internal family situation taking away other scheduling options for the near future, we made the plans in just a couple of days.  Miracle and Miracle’s aunt had already identified the Godparents the week before not knowing that any baptism was imminent.

After the baptism was over, new family information shared made it clear this had been the right Sunday.  Praise the Lord.

Just in case, and with the prayer that Miracle’s mother survives, the baptism was recorded.

We invite you to celebrate Miracle’s baptism, and offer your prayers for her mother, her older brother, and the brand new baby sister, also in the same hospital as her mother, and now also diagnosed HIV positive.


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