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Eagles are most majestic in flight and soaring. Christians are most effective when engaged in ministry in Jesus’ Name and in the power of the Holy Spirit (Mark 1:7-11; Acts 1:8; Acts 19:1-7; 1 Corinthians 12).

This is the Parish weblog for St. John’s, Tulare, CA.  If you are interested in assisting with this blog, please leave a message for Brewster Bird. And feel free to leave comments.

We  are working on updating the weblog to include weekly excerpts from the sermons  and including portions of the Revised Common Lectionary, plus scheduled activities of our parish. Remember, that like all parishes and missions in the Episcopal Church, Diocese of San Joaquin, we are welcoming and affirming.

Indigenous Crafts Fair

Saint John’s is hosting a Native American Craft Fair Saturday September 24th 10-3:30. Fry bread tacos will be available along with indigenous crafts and refreshments! Pass it on.. Saint John’s Episcopal Church, 1701 East Prosperity Avenue, Tulare, CA  cross street is Laspina…

Check Out This week’s Diocesan newsletter

Our Padre’ Rev. Dr. John Day made the front page of our Diocesan newsletter! Give Thanks and Praise! Anyway All, Peace be unto thee, My Peace I give to thee, freely with Grace, The Peace which passes all understanding I give to thee, freely given freely received , God give us strength to do His Will in all we undertake this day and forever more!


The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish

Padre nuestro que estas en el cielo,
 sanctificado sea tu Nombre,
   venga tu reino,
   hagase tu voluntad,
     en la tierra combo en el cielo.
Danos hoy nuestro pan de cada dia.
Perdona nuestras ofensas,
   como tambien nosotros perdonamos
     a los que nos ofenden.
No nos dejes caer en tentacion
   y libranos del mal.
Porque tuyo es el reino,
   tuyo es el poder,
   y tuya es la gloria,
   ahora y por siempre. Amen
Sacrifica a Dios alabanza, y paga tus votos al Altisimo!
Given us by Rt. Rev. David Rice  in preparation for our Diocesan convention to be held at ECCO in Oakhurst, CA

Which John are we?

Our church is named after Saint John the Evangelist ( Apostle, friend of Jesus, Revelator) also known as one of the “Sons of Thunder” for his fiery temper-along with his brother Andrew.

John the Baptist announced Jesus’ Presence to the world. Saint John had been a disciple of The Baptizer before he and his brother Andrew met The Christ. They knew very soon after their first encounter with Jesus that He is the Messiah promised of old.  The “Sons of Thunder” soon joined Jesus and His ministry throughout Judea/Galilee/Jerusalem.

Saint John the Evangelist  was the only apostle to die a death due to old age. His leadership came about while he cared for Mary, mother of Jesus after Jesus death and resurrection. He took care of widows and orphans, visited the sick, ministered to the homeless, visited the prisons, and prayed mightily. One could call him the steadfast saint. His Revelation is one of the most contested books of the New Testament.

As you pray today ask Jesus into your life as John  did. Daily ask Him into your life. Read something from the Old Testament, Apocrypha, one of the Saint’s letters and one of the Gospels ( we use, formally, the Revised Common Lectionary). Be prepared!

Take time to say The Lord’s Prayer by oneself or with a friend or stranger.

Thoughts on our coming into the new church year

Each year we trudge through “Ordinary Time”, time between Pentecost Sunday and the first Sunday in Advent. Surely there are many Sundays and regular days that are just as trudgemental and take all our energy to make it through. Ordinary Time is special to me in that even with the trudging, ( done moreso in the smaller congregations of our great branch of the Christian, Orthodox Faith ) each day is different..We hope that the reader is able to find some enjoyment from each day and even the most mundane tasks bring some sense of accomplishment. Share your Joy during Ordinary Time..

Thoughts on Luke’s Gospel – The Parable of the corrupt manager

Rev. Gail Bernthal  gave a good sermon on the Gospel of Luke, illustrating Luke 16:1-13, the parable about the corrupt manager.  The Pharisees were listening too. Questions arose on how are we to handle our worldly affairs? with as much diligence and inventiveness as the  corrupted manager?  He knew how to use the tools of finance and management to stay in good graces with his debtees, even though he was going to lose his position. How much more are we to use those earthly tools of cunning and smarts to better our church and the world around us. Does not the world belong to God ?  Aren’t our riches His riches? The Pharisees were capable of much Good and Jesus knows this. Rev. Gail asserted that Jesus  used the  worldly manager as an example because He saw a man who did not hide from his responsibilities and showed resourcefulness in his time of need..The Pharisees  are not much mentioned throughout the Gospel reading, but one can sense their internal discomfort as Jesus challenges their laziness and corrupted natures. The Parable has its own ‘cognitive dissonance’ for us moderns as well..

The views above are my own, with paraphrasing the notes taken during Rev. Gail’s sermon..I share this with her permission She has not read this  article.


Brewster Bird